The Necklace Factory Burning Man Awards

THE NECKLACE FACTORY AWARDS were created to give Signposts of Stature to those citizens of Black Rock City who managed to actually make magic.  Sculptors, Jewelers, Costumers, Dancers, Architects, Writers, Mechanics, Painters: anyone who dared to build something World Class – and also managed to break into The Future with their efforts.

The Necklace Factory AWARDS are named after an Art Project that operated for 9 years in a row at Burning Man: The Necklace Factory.  Lessons learned from The Necklace Factory became a foundation for the current Awards Process, and slowly gave birth to The Necklace Factory Awards.

2005 was the first year that these Awards for Outstanding Work were distributed in Black Rock City, and about 25 Awards were distributed that year.  The number of distributed Awards has now grown to over 300 for each year.  An attempt is also made to pattern the awards artwork after the Official Theme that is put forward by the BOrg for each year.

A New Nobility is growing out in the Black Rock Desert; because a different type of Gladiator School is currently training those who will lead us through the wilderness of Now, into a better Tomorrow.

They will lead us there by building the Future with delightfully fresh ideas, and by constructing each art work with their own hands.The Necklace Factory Awards are 350 tiny signposts leading to the best of those hands.  They are the Leaders that we all will follow into a better, brighter, and more delicious Future.


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